Monday, April 21, 2008


Monday, January 21, 2008

Travis, Bontebok Comics Characters (temp. post)

Travis, some of our characters... ABOVE: This is Bee-Hemoth! He's a big powerful Venom type, with a much goofier name and costume, villain in a humor strip we include in the book. This image does not show but final design has sharper teeth. Personally, he's the character I would most like to see your take on, especially after seeing what you did with Venom on the Batman/Venom sample pencils on your site! Still, I leave the choice totally up to you.
ABOVE: The Surrealist! He's a mysterious character, a hero that exists in another dimension, another realm. He can manipulate reality, fly, travel through all layers of reality, he is very wise and very powerful.

ABOVE and BELOW: The Mutant Lunatic! A child mutated in a bio-nuclear attack. Very physically powerful, Hulk-like, with the mind of a child and a heart of gold. He's got a torn up blanket for a cape and a paper bag for undies.

Another shot of the Lunatic in action.
So, take your pick and go wild! Let me know which character you want to draw and I can send more ref. material if you would like it.
(All character names and likenesses are copyright Tom Travers and Jon Wood.)